Market Revolution In America

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Some Americans could enjoy the changes since the market revolution whereas others saw it as the end of their liberty. Farmers were happy before the market revolution they had the freedom to be their own boss. However, after the market revolution, they were forced out of their home, breaking up families and the community system, which was a form of support. “Although many Americans welcomed the market revolution, others experienced it as a loss of freedom. Especially in the growing cities of the Northeast, economic growth was accompanied by a significant wondering of the gap between wealthy merchants and industrialists, on the one hand, and impoverished factory workers, unskilled dock workers, and seamstresses laboring at home, on the other. (189)." Before the market revolution in transportation, farming, and goods, families used to work for themselves at their farms, and exchange goods among their neighbor; all without the need for money. Nevertheless, the market revolution changed that, it contributed toward the production of goods that was now being manufactured increasing outside the home. And at the moment, they started exchanging money for goods, providing for the growth of the economy. Families are being separated, and relocating in order to find the next place that will provide …show more content…

For the workers, there is no reward that compensates for their hard work. They are confined to work for a very little wage. The wretched working class was constrained to be poor whereas the rich became richer. The market revolution changed the America system and its beliefs, in the hope of new opportunities for jobs. This was a new era of work, where families no longer work in farms, and people are migrating to the cities where the works are. In addition, the small family farmers no longer have the support of its

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