The Market Revolution In The Jacksonian Era

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The era of Andrew Jackson was an age of reform as the United States was acquiring land- through the idea of manifest destiny- and concerned with democratizing its own institutions. The growth of the industrial economy attracted immigrants from several parts of the world notably Northern and Western Europe. Although economic opportunity was in their hands, an extreme amount of immigrants endured discrimination; they were forced to take on anomalous professions in order to survive. Furthermore, they suffered a tremendous volume of exploitation due to the venality of the Nativists; who saw the growth of the immigration population as a threat to the United States and the ideals it was built upon.
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The working force was already at a maximum and at the peak of what it could be so now there was a need for improvements in other areas such as communication and marketing. New inventions were created in this era such improvements in printing technology and other communication technology. These inventions in technology and communication are what created the market revolution in the Jacksonian era. Overall the biggest result of this revolution was the change from an agrarian society to a capitalistic one. This is what took the world out of the Stone Age and propelled the nation to soar past other nations in terms of capitalism. Farmers didn’t need to produce more goods, they had the capabilities to create an abundance of goods in this era especially with the workforce, what they needed were greater markets to work with and they needed to be able to get them to the public. This is why the progress in the market system such as printing technology and the postal system was so important in this era to achieve such productivity. Overall an increasing workforce combined with new ways to market and sell these products was the reason for the most productive era in US

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