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The men that built America as they are called, are in fact Captains of Industry. Without them America would not be what it is today, the jobs they created and the things they invented helped make America a world power. Carnegie gave away almost his entire fortune before he died. Which was $350 million, in today’s money that is $13.7 billion. The captains of industry helped create thousands of jobs which allowed more people to work. Without this kind of advancement from these men’s multiple inventions and factories which created many jobs. The World would still be thirty years behind in technologies. Jobs were created in droves because of these men, which means a lot of people got to work and a lot of people were able to support their families. The opportunities that were opened up for the average American were increased ten-fold because of the rapid expansion that these men were creating. The types of work that became available to the working man were mainly factory jobs such as repair the machines if they broke-down which happened a lot. This type of work was very dangerous but the people were able to work because of these men. Even if the work was dangerous they still have to work and they were able to because of these Captains of …show more content…

Vanderbilt was the first Captain of Industry to raise and he helped keep America moving forward because of the trains he produced and the tracks he connected. Vanderbilt may have used unethical methods to control all the railroads so he could connect them but in the end the results outweigh the methods. Vanderbilt unification of all the Eastern railroads allowed cargo to be moved with ease because it didn’t need to be unloaded then reloaded because it had to switch rail-lines. Vanderbilt’s unification also made traveling by train one of the fastest and easiest modes of

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