How Did Cornelius Vanderbilt Change The World

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In the 1860s Cornelius Vanderbilt was aware of the big growth in the future of transportation. He believed it would soon not be by water, but by railway. That’s when Cornelius had an idea on how to continue the growth of his businesses. Vanderbilt was a robber baron who used ruthless business practices to enrich himself. In 1863, Cornelius began to transfer his interests from shipping into railroads. He was smart because instead of building a new railroad he bought an existing one. Railroad he just focused on improving the service and on upgrading equipment. He started off with the New York and Harlem railroad this railroad line would go through Manhattan. From their he just focused on improving the service and on upgrading equipment. Soon after that the commodore took control of many railroads. In 1867 he also got the central railroad and he connected that with all the other railroads he had already owned and that was called the New York Central Railroad. Once he did that about five years later they estimated that he made about 25 million in those 5 years. His son William henry Vanderbilt inspired him to make the …show more content…

After donating that money towards the university they changed the name and named it the prestigious Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. And that was before he died when he died he still had about 105 million left back in that time but if we were thinking the money was in our time that Vanderbilt had around 143 billion dollars in our time. The rest of the money went mostly all towards his oldest son who received about 95 percent of the money and his wife and other children received about 200,000 to 500,000 each person. The commodore didn’t donate to charities or schools that was the only thing he donated with all that money he

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