History: America's Greatest Change In History

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During the history we have experimented changes that prove the human evolution. Perhaps, we make history every day, but none of that can be possible without the brave people that change things and prepare the world for us in the past. This class opened my eyes to the ideals that every American should have, and how to stop the conformism that we still experimenting every day. The idea of commenting one topic of positive or negative impact is impossible because every event, good or bad, lead us to the powerful and free nation we live. If I have to pick one event that really captivated my attention was the fight of African-American slaves to recover their rights and the conditions they used to live. They fight knowing that they will be punished or even lose their life’s, demonstrating that a correct course of action can take the history to a “happy ending”. Also this event created a domino effect that activated other necessary movements like the women vote or right to work in “men” positions. This is a meaningful event that we see today as freedom and is in my opinion the greatest change in history. …show more content…

Without the visionary, ambitious, and powerful people that were part of that era the world would never be like we know it today. I can’t imagine if the train, cars, light bulbs or phone were never invented. All those scientific inventions are the pillars of the comfortable world where we live today. Transportation, played an important role in the past as well, connecting the nation, expanding the markets and by creating thousands of jobs like the construction of railroads across

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