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The Westward Movement As pioneers were moving across, they were poor and struck with disease and such. Legends portray the pioneers as muscular axmen and stuff, going to find a new civilization, reality is that they are suffering. They are poorly fed, housed in quickly put up houses, faced diseases, depression, premature deaths.They also faced loneliness. Shaping the Western Landscape Pioneers exhausted land in tobacco regions and pushed further. They left fields behind. 1820s American fur trappers set traplines all over Rocky Mountain area. The furtrading empire was based on redezvous system. Traders would venture St Louis to Rocky MOuntains, made camp, waited for trappers and Indians and traded. California coast sea otter pelts were traded.…show more content…
They wanted 10 hour day, higher wage, good working condition, public education. It passed Employers resisted the 10 hour day since it would apparently lower the economy. Labor unions formed in the 1830s but hit by Panic of 1837. aka severe depression. Commonwealth v Hunt in Massachuessetts Supreme court legalized the unions for peaceful protest. Women and the Economy Females adults and children were involved in the preindustrial economy. They spun yarn, weaved cloth, made candles, soap, butter, and cheese. Factories offered jobs for young women. These factory girls barely earned money for all the hard work they did for 12-13 hours. Boston Associates hired New England farm girls. The factory jobs were unusual for women. Opportunies were rare, women usually worked as nurses, demestic services, or teaching which was encourged by Catharine Beecher Women worked before marriage, when they got married, they would become housewives and…show more content…
Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento. This was lightweight riders that changed horses every 10 miles apart. They could make the trip in 10 days. They sprinted through the whole way. The Transport Web Binds the Union Steamboats helped reverse flow of goods to West and South. More canals and railroad tracks were built before the Civil War. NY became queen port of the country, it replaced New Orleans because/thanks to the Erie Canal. Divided labor emerged in the country South made cotton for New England West provided grain and livestock for the East and Europe East provided machines and textiles for South and West The Market Revolution Era of self-supporting farm changed into more modern factory-based. This devalued the jobs of women, as they stayed home and spun wool and stuff. Now there was machines to do that job. Additionally, these times widened gap between the wealthy and the poor. Unskilled workers, also known as “drifters” went town to town looking for jobs that worked for them. Despite all the problems, America had more opportunity than other countries oof the Old World. Wages for the unskilled rose 1% from 1820

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