Ugliest Senior Research Paper

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A month before homecoming, Mount Washington High always post the list. On the list it names the prettiest and ugliest girls in each grade. There are copies everywhere. The list is written by a new person each year but no one ever finds out who it is. The girls become the center of attention for homecoming month. The eight girls each have their own story, background, problems, etc. No one finds out who write the lists until this year. Danielle Demarco was named the ugliest freshman. The nickname everyone gave her was “Dan the Man.” Abby Warner was named the prettiest freshman. She has a sister who is a senior and is known for being smart. Both agree that a person can not be pretty and smart. Candace Kincaid was named the ugliest sophomore. In everyone …show more content…

Bridget Honeycutt was named the pretties junior. She wasn 't very pretty in people 's eye but everyone noticed her change this summer. Even though she was known for being the prettiest she didn 't feel that way. She always thought she was too fat so she would starved herself which become a health problem. Jennifer Briggie was named the ugliest senior. She has been named ugliest senior for the past four years. She was the first in Mount Washington history to keep that record. Margo Gable was named the prettiest senior. Since she was named the prettiest senior she was considered the homecoming queen. The list had such a big impact on each of the girls. At the homecoming the person who wrote the list was discovered. They had the proof to prove it and that was the stamp which is stamped on every official list. The stamp was stolen from the principal 's office long ago and every year it is handed down to the next chosen senior. And the chosen senior who wrote the list this year was Jennifer the girl names ugliest girl all of her four years and Margo was the one who discovered it

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