Alice Gordon Monologue

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Sat in my room looking at the wall waiting for my best friend Lue to come over, all of a sudden I hear a knock on the old rusty wooden door. I race out of my room, down the wooden squeaky stairs. I open up the door and hug my best friend Lue. My dog Charlie races to the door and rans around Lue. He is happy to see Lue. Lue is excited to see Charlie too. We sat together, and talk for a while. We hear my dad come in the door. He walks After a while my sister, Alice and my mom came home from Alice’s sewing class. My mom told me to take Charlie for a walk. Me and Lue went outside first and then Alice yelled, “Wait for me.” She but of her leather boots and raced out of the door.
Mom shouted from the kitchen window, “Be safe, and watch Charlie.”
We start walking into the field behind …show more content…

It said get out or else….
I look around trying to find Charlie, but I don’t see Charlie. I hear a loud hum.
Lue said “it was the conveyor belt.”
I run trying looking I step in a pile of buckwheat seeds. I ran out the door to find a ghostly figure floating right in front of me. I back up. The ghost follows. Lue and Alice ran out. They stop and look at the ghost. The full moon was shining threw the ghost.
The ghost came up even closer and said “leave.”
We ran out. I tripped on a hole on the ground. She picked me up and put me down. I ran out and slid under the trees. Alice, Lue and I run home in a fright. My parents meet us at the door with Charlie. I run up to charlie and give him a big hug and tell him never to do that again. My parents ask where we where?
I said looking for Charlie….. In the field.
Alice blurts out “no we went on the other side of the trees there was a mill and a creepy ghost. “
Lue and I shouted “NO!”
We run inside. My mom cooks supper for us. I feed Charlie. My mom and dad sit us down after we ate supper.
My mom and dad looks at me. They said your all in trouble. I wish I would 've gotten out of it. My parents sit me down and tells me to never do it

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