Classroom Field Experience Report

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I started doing my field Experience in Lime Kiln Elementary school where I shadowed Mr. Mikalov, a fifth grade teacher, When I first walked into his classroom it was so colorful and full of artworks, student works and inspirational quotes I felt happy walking into his classroom so I would imagine what a fifth grader would feel like. Mr.Mikalov was very generous in showing me around the classroom where they have their group work, reading area on the rug. He showed me the schedule they follow every week, they do math every day from 12:13 to 12:55 and have lunch every day at 11:26- 12:08 and off course I took a picture of it to know when and what they are doing that time. Mr.Mikalov introduced me to the principal who is very nice and welcomed …show more content…

The first day I went there was a student crying and Mr.Mikalov pulled him outside to talk to him in private because some kids don’t like talking about their feelings in front of everybody. While the students were doing their work I had a chance to walk around the classroom, I saw at least five rules in big letters in the back of the room, which reminded me off Hary Wong and his teachings off rules and procedures. After the bell rings and they go to math. The teacher starts the lesson by asking the class what they know about the subject and go from there. The teacher asks the students to turn and talk to the person next to them about what they learned or explain it to someone who doesn’t understand it. In the classroom there’s a list of words the students will learn throughout the year, every night they would get new words and at the end of the week, they would get quizzed on a set of words. The teacher has an annotation chart that has different things that students can do. For example, if the students have a question about their reading they can put question marks next to it and more.This helps the students understand the reading much better and this also helps the teacher know the students need help with. There were many students who wouldn’t listen and would just be laughing, getting up without asking and disrupted the class during the lesson they would lose their recess, However if the students were doing

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