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I have always enjoyed children and working with them but once I understood that there was a career that could enable me to improve a child’s life I was set on becoming an Occupational Therapist. I knew I could assist and change the lives of children that have been told they could not succeed nor live life to their fullest potential. Regardless of the struggles these children are facing, they are capable of a multiple of tasks for success. This is the work of an OT to capitalize on their strengths, to allow them to be the absolute best child (and then adult) that they can be. There is nothing more effective to preserve the future of our world and mankind than to nourish each child. The future depends on our youth and helping them grow into…show more content…
During my time at USM I took a creative class, Therapeutic Touch, along with my psychology courses. Therapeutic Touch is a course about energy work, chakras, and using color and intentions to heal. One of the books we were required to read for the class explained the beliefs of those who practice Therapeutic Touch, (such as Reiki and Pranic healing). According to Therapeutic Touch workers, people develop diseases as they correlate to the chakras, which the person suffering from the disease has made “spin” less due to stress or certain feelings. This is to say that whichever part of your body becomes infected or diseased may be related to outside emotional issues, which have manifested as a physical ailment within that chakra area. For example, according to Therapeutic touch, a child with a gastrointestinal tract disease may have suffered from trust issues and helping the child work through their trust issues may alleviate a few of the symptoms of the disease. Alleviating symptoms of the disease would improve their abilities to focus and learn in school and life. Therapeutic touch taught me that working with children (and adults) from all angles such as emotional, social, physical, and mental, impacts their development deeper than just working in one specific area. An Occupational Therapist’s job is to work with a child in each area of development and to set goals for the…show more content…
I quickly realized that a career as an OT would allow me the space to teach skills to children that would be life long and engaging, instead of passive. I prefer to work with a child as they are naturally and build up their capabilities. I do not care to prescribe medications that may harm children in the long run. I don’t desire to prescribe medications that may inhibit the child’s personality, or simply be a short-term fix to the true underlying problem. I interned with the same kids I had worked with as a teacher, but could not work with as an OT, due to lack of training. I mainly learned and observed and took notes, instead. I found it somewhat difficult because I noticed that the OT did not cater to each child’s abilities. I had worked with the children for 8 hours a day as their previous teacher, instead of working with them for only 1 – 2 hours a day, as the OT did. Therefore, I knew the children’s weaknesses and strengths and what they should have been working harder or less

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