Personal Narrative: My Work Experience As A Futurgical Specialists

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Hello, Christine

This is Axel and first off I would like to say it was a pleasure to meet you and hear about the opportunities you have available at the Mather OR during our interview last Wednesday. Though the Mather OR has more bigger and complex surgeries, I look forward to taking on that challenge if you do decide to bring me in. I know i 'm confidante in myself and know my potential. I believe with the proper orientation and time in the surgical specialists I would do just fine. My last work experience didn 't end too well, but I have definitely learned a lot from it and myself on how I learn best. I know I learn best when I consistently get put in the same specialty until I learn it well enough to handle it on my own. Practice make perfect and repetition is key for me. My last work experience at …show more content…

I did very well with time I had to learn left. Unfortunately this experienced I gained was towards the end of my orientation and once my 90 days was up The Cleveland Clinic decided to release me. Since then I have pursued to get certified and have done just that. I 'm very capable of anything I put my mind to. I 'm proud of how far I have come and now being a CST, I want an opportunity to continue from what I have learned so far and become the best surgical tech that I can be. I 'm very dedicated and fully prepared to give you my maximum effort every day because I feel I have to prove myself now since my last work experience. If you do decide to bring me in I will not disappoint. I take this profession very seriously because my future in the medial field depends on it. I enjoyed being a surgical tech at my last work place and it was a great learning experience for me. I 'm opened to learning new things, I enjoy it and I think the in the Mather OR I would be able to learn from the most, since it is different from what I have been use to in the past. I hope to be working the the OR team very soon at University Hospitals. Also, I hope

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