Personal Narrative: My Shadowing Path

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In the past 18 months, I have continued to shadow various physicians across a variety of specialties that serve different communities. Each time, I am amazed at their ability to heal patients with various ailments. This sense of wonder leaves me wanting to learn more and motivates me to eventually become a physician that has the ability to heal all of these patients as well. In addition, I have shadowed physicians for their full twelve-hour shifts, so I have seen all of the aspects of the career. Though there may be some less desirable aspects, such as the required time spent completing charts, I realize the importance of it. Through these shadowing experiences, I can be assured that I am making an informed decision and pursuing a career that …show more content…

Asian Pacific Health Corps at UCLA gave me the opportunity to serve uninsured and low-income families in the community I grew up. Through monthly health fairs we set up and an annual health fair in my hometown Monterey Park, I became aware of the health issues plaguing my community. At health fairs, I gained experience interacting with patients by conducting blood pressure and body mass index screenings. Based on their results, I then educated patients on how they could achieve a healthier lifestyle by making changes to their diet and exercise routine. Witnessing the patients’ appreciation and desire to make lifestyle changes gave me the feeling that I was truly helping to improve their health and making an impact on my community, which are both important reasons why I want to become a physician. In the last couple months, I have also been volunteering at Kids Come First Community Health Center. The interactions between the physicians and children reminded me of the many times I visited my pediatrician as a child and what inspired me to become a physician in the first place. The UA COM – Phoenix will help me to realize my dreams of becoming a

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