Loma Linda University Student Analysis

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A core strength of the Loma Linda University Program is their capacity to seamlessly weave Christian values into an advanced medial education program. The medical profession absolutely could benefit from having professionals who come from a strong academic background, but it also needs professionals who strive to uphold Christian values within their daily lives. The values I’m referring to are characteristics such as compassion and integrity. Human compassion is at the very heart of the medical profession. It is the compassion that is nurtured by nurses, PA’s, and physicians which transforms the clinical and overwhelming medical world into something more humanistic and comforting. Exhibiting integrity and respect towards patients is what allows them to feel secure in entrusting their lives to those nurses, PA’s, and physicians. This establishment of trust is integral to the medical system, and it can only happen when medical professionals make a daily, conscious commitment to treat every patient with compassion and integrity. For me, these characteristics are intertwined with my faith. Being true to my Seventh Day Adventist faith requires me to prioritize the very characteristics that are essential to the medical field. Loma Linda …show more content…

I am incredibly curious, capable, and passionate when it comes to the fields of science and medicine. I can only imagine myself operating in a profession where I get to make direct, tangible contributions to people and bettering their lives. My identity is first and foremost defined by my faith as a Seventh Day Adventist, and second by my family and community. The Loma Linda PA Program can allow me to become the embodiment of all that I value: a highly-trained medical professional that can use her faith and medical training to consistently serve their community with compassion and

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