Short Summary: Josie's Story By A Mother

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Josie’s Story is a truly inspirational and informative book written by a mother who used her grief and sorrow to educate people, and make medical care safe. Josie King was a curious and precocious 18 month old toddler who was just beginning to discover the world, and loved her dog Trapper. One day, while her family was preoccupied downstairs, Josie waddled into the bathroom in search of her blue airplane. She slipped into the bathtub, and turned on scalding hot water onto herself, causing first and second degree burns which covered 60 percent of her tiny body. Josie was admitted to one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in our country, Johns Hopkins Children 's Center. After the ninth day in the PICU, Josie’s family was informed that …show more content…

They should be good communicators, and actually listen to their patients, or families concerns, empathize, and provide clear concise information. An important value a healthcare worker should also embody is altruism. Nurses and medical professionals need prioritize their patients’ needs, without any regard for rewards or benefits. A persons’ health and welfare needs to be priority to a nurse, no matter what the situation. Josie’s Story highlighted the importance of altruism, and the need for nurses and doctors to take a step back and truly listen. Josie’s death shouldn’t have happened, and would’ve probably been avoided if someone took the time to truly listen to her mother’s concerns. Reading Josie’s story opened my eyes to the dire need of communication between the medical team and patients and/or family members. Sorrel, Josie’s mother, tried numerous times to alert the medical team of the changes observed in her daughter, yet no one listened. She highlights the severe breakdown in communication and the necessary steps needed to rectify our medical

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