Pediatric Occupational Therapist Essay

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Life has its twists and turns, but my overall life goal is simple, help others. I want to make an impact on others life, even if it is a small change. For instance, being able to hold a pencil is the difference between a student being able to graduate from Kindergarten and not be able to continue on to first grade. Being a Pediatric occupational therapist will help me make an impact on children at a very young age. Even small changes can have a large impacts, which is why I want to be that change for others. My goal is small but will hopefully have a large and beneficial impact on myself along with others. Pediatric occupational therapists have the responsibility to teach children and their parents how they can make commendations to improve the child’s quality of life. Although occupational therapists are do not teach academics, which are all extremely important, they teach lifestyle changes. Teachers enable their students to overcome their struggles and improve, just like occupational therapists do. Humans have the desire to learn and I want to teach children how to live their lives to the …show more content…

Since eighth grade I have had this burning desire in my heart to become a pediatric occupational therapist. As a thirteen year-old I spend hours watching videos and reading about “what it takes to be an occupational therapist”. Passion was overwhelmingly the most popular answer. I knew the second I read the word “passion,” I had what it took to be a pediatric occupational therapist. I know that God has shown me that the path for me is to become a pediatric occupational therapist over and over again. This past summer while I was working at the Columbia Mall Carwash I was introduced to Dr. Bert Bachrach at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Bachrach gladly gave me his email and has coordinated days for me to job shadow. God has continued to open doors for me and I am excited to see what my future

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