Occupational Therapy Assistant Research Paper

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You ever get that good feeling from helping someone that 's in need. Its many people that needs help or healing in their life. Some need spiritually healing and some need healing physically. He people that help them are amazing people. That 's why I want to become a therapy assistant. I want to help people get back on their feet mentally and physically. This a great occupation to have. The education of a therapy assistance is long and somewhat difficult, but i 'm up for the task. There are many classes and certifications need to become one. First, you must the national board for certification of occupational therapists. ( "How to Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant." InnerBody.). The test is different in every state but it is very …show more content…

So there is a chance of many different opportunities are on the horizon. So I must have a positive attitude when approaching my field of work. Traditionally OTAs worked in hospital,but increasingly they are employed in private practice offices.( "Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education." Physical Therapist Assistant ). To qualify for a position as an occupational therapy assistant students complete two years of study including the following courses medical terminology anatomy ,physiology rehabilitation theory gerontology (2. "How to Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant."). Some of them classes I can take my senior year of high school so it will limit me to one more year of anatomy and physiology. The assistants work a 40+ hour work week, which may involve weekends, early morning and/or early evening schedules. The work can be physically demanding since assistants help patients perform exercises throughout the day. This may involve supporting patient weight, bending, stooping and lifting. ("Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education." Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) ). The expected task I have to perform feel like i already do. Playing on a team motivating your teams to get …show more content…

( "Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,) I find this to be a great occupation for someone with that does not plan to start a family so soon. I will be able to comfortably live and be able to provide for myself. The highest 10 percent earned about 78,080 and the lowest 10% earned about 38,440 a year . So I should be aiming for the upper region of this occupation. It will still be a major thing to become in my family no matter what the pay is. I will still enjoy my work and come to school and work with my greatest attitude towards my studies and my work. I will still have fun and learn and become a better person.Being an PTA is a great occupation, but I do not plan on spending the rest of my life in that position title. I do want to be and Physical Therapist myself , I want to become a PTA for my introduction into this world,I want to someday run my own physical therapy center. I want to go to CSU and major in sports science. I do want to work for a major sports team. I find that to be an exciting career to be in. that 's why I choose to become a PTA. I can learn so much as and PTA I can learn what expect and if iI want to keep working in this profession. To be a PTA you must have interpersonal skills . Physical therapist assistants and aides spend much of their time interacting with clients, their families, and other healthcare

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