Hardships In A Raisin In The Sun

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Hardships of the Youngers In Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun, the characters of Mama, Walter ,and Beneatha are faced with hardships associated with their dreams being destroyed by discriminatory housing,racial inequality and lack of support from her family towards her education. In the play all the characters have some kind of dream. Mama wants to get a house for the family, Walter wants to have money to provide for his family and plans to do that with a liquor store, and Beneatha wants to become a doctor. Beneatha is going to school and at the same time she’s trying to discover herself,but her family is not supportive of this. Mama did unfortunately lose her husband, and the family is receiving a life insurance check for $10,000. …show more content…

Walter dealt with a hardship in his live as well. Walter was faced with racial discrimination. He wanted to have money to be able to to what he wants, follow his dreams. The only problem is that he didn 't have a high paying job. Your probably thinking to yourself why doesn 't he just get another job. Well it not that easy, see what is a black man and black men just don 't get paid as much as white men did. In an article america’s labor history, it says that “the white-led unions affiliated and the American Federation of Labor actually tried to get and keep blacks out of higher-paying jobs” (Black Workers Remember). The whites were trying to prevent blacks from making money,so they wouldn 't move into their nice neighborhoods. Walter got a little angry when he was asking George , a rich friend of his daughter, if they could talk business. George ended up blowing him off saying he was busy. Walter responded with “I know ain’t nothing in this world as busy as you colored collage boys with your fraternity pins and white shoes”(Hansberry . 84). Walter was basically saying wow your a preppy rich boy that thinks he 's better than me. George was thinking that he was better than walter just because he had more money. But that is not the case he is no better than walter. Walter works hard for his money while george just gets it handed to him. All Walter wanted was to have money and open his own liquor store but it was not possible.Walter’s dream was unfortle not able to come true …show more content…

Beneatha also faced a hardship in her life, but herr 's was different from the rest. She face problems with education. Her family did not fully support her decision of wanting to become a doctor. Beneatha wants to become a doctor but her family is not that wealthy. They do all put in work to pay for her schooling though. School was difficult for black students as they were not always accepted in all schools. “In September 1957 Arkansas Democratic Governor Orval E. Faubus became the national symbol of racial segregation when he used Arkansas National Guardsmen to block the enrollment of nine black students who had been ordered by a federal judge to desegregate Little Rock 's Central High School¨(Faubus). The Whites were definitely trying to keep the blacks from getting the proper education to be successful this is why her family is sceptical about her become a doctor. The family is somewhat supportive of Beneatha’s dream in the sense that they pay for her schooling. Beneatha doesn 't really believe them though, she thinks that they are against her she says “Forgive me for ever wanting to be anything at all” (Hansberry.37). She is saying that no one else in her family is ever going to be anything. She believe that she is the only one that is going to be successful. The rest of her family just has a low paying job and they don 't really make anything of them self. The real truth is that her family is working hard to put her through school so that she can make

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