Personal Identity In A Raisin In The Sun

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Identity is who someone is as a person. People have different views of what identity is and what can be done to find it. Identity can be your actions and thoughts. It’s what makes someone unique and different from anyone else. The Bible has its own view of identity as well. Also, identity is one of the main themes in “A Raisin in the Sun.” Personal identity is what tells one human being apart from another. To find self-identity, one must learn to be themselves. In today’s society, people tend to look for their personal identity in their reputation or labels. People use their reputation to find their identity because it satisfies others. One’s reputation could be the way they treat others, what they’ve achieved or their actions. For example, a celebrity can try to make themselves desired by using their money for reasonable causes. What other people think of their actions is who they decide …show more content…

In Act 1, Beneatha’s quest to find her personal identity is seen in the way she expresses herself, her ambitions, her roots and the way she deviates from what is acceptable in her family. She tries to find ways to express herself such as trying different hobbies. In the past, Beneatha has been a part of a play-acting group, horseback-riding club, and in Act 1 starts guitar lessons (47). She also has the ambition to become a doctor which is looked down upon by her brother, Walter Lee (38). Additionally, her African roots are important to her search for identity. This character trait is seen when Asagai mentions how he met Beneatha. She tells him she wants to know more about Africa because she is looking for her identity (62). Beneatha’s effort to make herself different from her family shows her personal identity. She has different views from her family. For example, she does not accept the existence of God (51). Beneatha’s quest to find her identity is a prominent theme throughout Act

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