A Raisin In The Sun Beneatha Character

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No one ever stays the same forever. This is shown in Beneatha Younger in “A Raisin in the Sun”. Beneatha is a young black women, who faces challenges everyday. She is a students at a college and dreams to be a doctor but no one else seems to believe in her. This makes her try harder and makes her change the way she thinks. Hansberry makes the characters have a tough life so when they achieve what they want, it’s a greater reward than someone who had an easy life.The main reason Beneatha changed so much during this play because of how people treated her. Beneath goes through major changes in the play. One of the main reason she does is because of Asagia. Asagia is a friend of Beneatha and is from Nigeria. He is very honest with her and makes her realize she needs to change. One thing he says is “Then isn't there something wrong in a house in a world where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man? I never thought to see you like this, Alaiyo” (Hansberry 1599). Asagia is telling Beneatha she shouldn’t be upset about losing …show more content…

He had low standards for her and for women in general. In the play he says he wants “a nice (Groping) simple (Thoughtfully) sophisticated girl . . . not a poet O.K.?” (1579). George clearly states his views here. He believes woman should act classy and not to have thoughts and be smart. George thinks men should be smarter than women.George also makes fun of Beneatha’s heritage, by saying “ Let's face it, baby, your heritage is nothing but a bunch of raggedy-assed spirituals and some grass huts!” (1571). Even though George is also this heritage, he thinks he’s better than them because he is rich. Thi changes Beneatha by showing that George is wrong and Asgia is the guy for her. She realizes George is stuck up and who she shouldn’t want to be. George was the person that made everything click for Beneatha. She realized she was unhappy with him and she could be so much more with

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