Ruth And Beneatha

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In the story "Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, an African American family the younger's family lives in a crowded apartment in a lower income community. The family struggles to live a happy life because of the living situation which is making them feel sad and depress. Due to the circumstances, the three women in the house mama (Lena), Ruth, and Beneath plays an important role in demonstrating the struggles, sacrifices, and determination they make for a better life. Beneatha is a college student with big dreams, Ruth is a mother and works in the kitchen of other people’s home to help support the family, and Mama is close to the age of retirement but continues to work because she is the head of the household. Although, the three women in the story are different from each other, they all play a strong role in the family. Beneatha is a strong minded educated young lady. She is the daughter of mama, she is attending college in hopes to one day attend medical school and …show more content…

Travis sleeps in the couch because there are not enough rooms in the apartment for him to have his own room. Because of the living situation Ruth is scared to have another baby and even considers to have an abortion. Like mama, Ruth wants to move to a bigger place and believes everyone will feel happier because of the extra space and Travis will have his own room. Ruth is married to Walter and in the play, we can see they are becoming distant with each other because they are stress out about money and their living situation. Eventually, Walter loses the insurance money and because of that the family is now depressed and does not want to move to the house because of the fear of them not being able to afford it. Ruth is a strong woman who does a lot in the house and also out of the house to help support the family. Even after the money was lost she did not want to give up the idea of moving out and even

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