A Raisin In The Sun Character Development Essay

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Character and Plot Development

In the play A Raisin in The Sun by Lorrain Hansberry there are many characters that influence the plot. However, throughout the play Ruth and Mama’s characters help contribute to the play the most. For example, how Mama gets the $10,000 check and how Ruth holds the family together and takes care of everyone. Ruth’s character helps to influence the plot with her actions, conflicts with other characters and her conversations with other characters. In the beginning of the play the stage directions describe Ruth as a “settled woman”. This is true because Ruth wakes up Travis, then she starts to get breakfast ready for the family. This shows that Ruth is a hard-working woman and that she does many things to help the family. The quote “come on now, honey. You need to lie down and rest awhile…” said Mama. This quote shows that Ruth does many things to help the family, and she never has time to rest and relax. Also, Ruth’s conflict with …show more content…

Mama’s character is developed as a strong woman that does what is best for her family. Mama is very important to helping develop the plot because the money that she gets could change her family’s life. Mama also puts others before herself and does what is best for the family. The quote “I’m sorry about your liquor store, son. It just wasn’t the thing for is to do.”. This quote shows that Mama wants Walter to be happy, but she can’t let him invest into the liquor store because is wouldn’t be the smart thing for the family to do. Mama’s conflict with Walter is very important to the plot because, if Mama would have let Walter use the money to invest into the liquor store then the whole plot of the play would change. Over all in the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorrain Hansberry the two characters Ruth and Mama play the biggest role in helping develop the plot of the

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