The Invisible Hero Character Analysis

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Character Analysis: Ruth The Invisible Hero demonstrates a range of characterisations in high school characters. From dictators to bystanders; one character demonstrates a personality twist. While interacting with others, Ruth’s characterisation develops from victim to hero. A deceiving student, Macca, dominates both Ruth and fellow victim, Philip. No one attempts to control this, not even Mrs Canmore who only warns the bullies. One student, Ruth, comes from a tough background; she is a soldier against the Macca War. Despite the consequences, Ruth becomes a quiet hero; this inspires the audience. Throughout the story, the author portrays Ruth as a shred of hope for the other characters. With both literal and indirect ways, the author allows …show more content…

Yet, at home, she devotes love and curiosity to her family. This contrasts to multiple other characters, as the relationship between Ruth and her single mother is inspiring. Accordingly, she respects her mother, who provides encouragements like, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” With pure gratitude, Ruth seeks to apply her mother’s words. When bullies trouble Philip, Ruth can empathise with him. Thus, he appreciates her as a companion, despite unable to express his gratitude. Philip never had a friend; Ruth reached out and supported him anyways. When Macca steals his journal, Ruth strives to find and return it to him. This made Philip think losing his journal is a “wonderful thing.” To him, Ruth is more than an ally, but a Caregiver at the dictated school. Similarly, Raphaela appreciates Ruth’s welcome to the school, as being new is difficult for her. At a school with distorted hierarchy, emotional support is crucial. So, Ruth provides Raphaela a place where she could feel comfortable. Despite her appreciation, Raphaela often compares her bravery to Ruth’s. Consequently, she continues feeling isolation until sacrificing her A-grade speech for Philip. With Ruth’s aid, Raphaela adjusts to the new environment and

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