A Raisin In The Sun And Beneatha's Relationship

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In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Beneatha has one relationship with George Murchison, the other with Joseph Asagai. The relationship that Beneatha has with these two men are different in health, Beneatha’s relationship with Asagai is healthier than her relationship with George. The author is using Beneatha’s contrasting relationships to show that wealth and upbringing do not define how a one treats another in a relationship. Beneatha’s relationship with Asagai is healthier because Asagai has a more positive view on the world, Asagai is friendlier to Beneatha’s family, and Asagai cares about what Beneatha wants in her life. All of the things that make Asagai’s relationship with Beneatha healthy, come from his upbringing; his upbringing that was lesser than George’s. Beneatha’s relationship with Joseph Asagai is healthier than Beneatha’s relationship with George Murchison because Asagai has a more positive view on the world. One key to a healthy relationship is having positive conversations ("MindPerk RSS"). In Act three, when Asagai comes …show more content…

Where Beneatha enjoys her independent thought, George tells her that there is no need for it. George tells Beneatha that, “You read books... to get a degree. That’s all- it has nothing to do with thoughts” (75). George’s negative outlook on school, something that Beneatha is very interested in, shows signs of unhealthy relationships. George’s negative outlook is something that he received from his upbringing. When George puts down Beneatha’s interests and tells her that thinking is not required of her, he simultaneously shows that he is unhealthy in his relationship with Beneatha and that his unhealthiness comes from his upbringing. The unhealthiness comes from his upbringing because George, taught as a higher class, learned that it wasn’t necessary for his happiness, therefore he thinks that Beneatha does not need it

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