Occupation: Conductorette And Like The Sun

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The value of perseverance Perseverance is the steadfastness in doing something despite the difficulty in achieving success. In the stories “Occupation: Conductorette” and “Like the Sun” both protagonist: Angelou and Sekhar used perseverance to help deal with their conflicts. With them using perseverance, it assisted them towards what they wanted to accomplish. Perseverance is a valuable trait to possess because it helps make progress towards goals. In “Occupation: Conductorette” Angelou’s perseverance helped her obtain the job she was striving for. During Angelou’s time, her being African American made it unfortunate for her to acquire a job. Angelou wanted an occupation as a conductorette, but her mother said “They don’t accept colored people on street cars”(Angelou, 143). This made Angelou furious and she was not going to let this stop her from getting the occupation she desires. When she says “I would like to claim an immediate fury followed by the noble determination to break the restricting traditions” (Angelou, 143). This shows that Angelou has determination to change the traditions and break the barrier between her race and …show more content…

In “Like the Sun” Sekhar conquered his goal of being truthful for the entire day. “Small price to pay for the luxury or practicing truth” (Nayarn,3). This quote expresses that even though at the end Sekhar had consequences he was able to accomplish his goal. Also in “Occupation: Conductorette” Angelou’s perseverance guided her towards her goal of becoming a conductorette. At the end of the story it says “I was given blood tests, aptitude tests…then on that blissful day I was hired as first Negro on San Francisco streetcars” (Angelou,147), because of Angelou perseverance, she advance towards her goal and finally became a conductorette in the end. With the use of perseverance, both protagonist in each story was able to resolve their

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