Into The Dark Water By Lauren Tarshis

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The article “ Into the Dark Water “, by Lauren Tarshis has many quotes from 17 year-old Jack Thayer, a passenger and survivor of the Titanic. Tarshis used these quotes to intensify the article and make it more interesting for the reader. The story feels more real with these quotes.She also used quotes to give the reader the emotions that Jack had and make the reader feel as if they were there. In paragraph six of “ Lost in the Crowd “ Tarshis used a quote from Thayer as he was jumping off the ship “ with a push of my arms and hands, jumped into the water as far out from the ship as I could…. Down, down I went, spinning in all directions. “ This quote sent out a sense of impending doom, but also wonder. Will he survive the jump? After he survives the jump will he die in the water? All of these were questions running …show more content…

“ It was the kind of night, that made one glad to be alive. “ . This shows that it was a beautiful night, and that Jack felt safe and happy to be where he was on this night. Tarshis also used the gift of life and survival to pull on the reader's heart strings and bring out empathy from the reader. Any thought of surviving something as tragic as the Titanic makes the reader feel gratitude or thankfulness to be alive, even though they didn’t go through what he did. This article was intensified by a quote in paragraph one of “ A Wailing Chant. “ Thayer explained the aftermath of the disaster in the water and said “ a continuous wailing chant.” This quote was very powerful and it added to the article by making the reader feel as if they were in the water and could hear the chant for help as many approached death's door. It made the article intense by telling the reader what was happening from the perspective of someone who was there and making that person feel the chill of the mass death happening around

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