3.05 Poe Describes The Sensations Of Being Buried Alive Essay

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Reading Journal 1. 3.05 Poe describes the sensations of being buried alive. What imagery does Poe use to help you hear, see, smell, and feel? The unendurable oppression of the lungs- The suffocating fumes from the damp earth- The clinging to the death garments- The rigid embrace of the narrow house- The blackness of absolute night- The silence like a sea that overwhelms- The unseen presence of the conqueror worm. 2. The narrator suffers from catalepsy, a physical condition in which the individual cannot move or speak for hours or, in extreme cases, for months. According to the narrator’s explanation, what are some of the ways that one can tell a cataleptic is still living? The persons heart might still have a beat, the person may have some …show more content…

What techniques does Poe use in the second paragraph to build suspense? What is the effect on you, the reader? Mr. Poe uses short sentences, fast paced writing, and lots of punctuations The effect on me is a lot of suspense and thinking what will happen next? 9. Based on the descriptions here, what has happened to the narrator? The narrator thinks he's being buried alive. 10. How does changing sentence structure from long to short and choppy help build suspense? What emotions do you feel as you read? It makes the reader read faster and get excited or nervous about what will happen next. The emotions I feel is anxious on what will happen next. 11. What has happened? If you were the narrator, what would you feel hearing these voices? The narrator is having bad dreams. I would be nervous and scared and probably think I was going crazy. 12. The narrator explains how the circumstances of his night aboard the boat paralleled the circumstances of his worst fears. What are the similarities that he experiences? The sounds, smells, and scenery were the same. 13. The narrator undergoes a major change. What did the narrator do in light of his experience on the sailboat? Do you think his reaction is a typical one of someone facing their

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