Role Of Heroes In Society

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Heroes are role models and have a great influence on individuals We are living in a diverse and opportunistic society today, heroes have become role models for the specific reason in the way which we think. Consequently, Many people become mad fans of their heroes and they even think heroes are always capable. However,people’s reaction and mind are literally affected by heroes. I am strongly against people who have heroes as their role model, because it is dangerous if people blind worship with heroes. Here are three reasons: people can lose their mind as they over obsessed with heroes, heroes can create a bad influence to people’s life. Moreover, people are possibly choosing heroes who have no morals. People can lose their mind as they over obsessed with heroes. Due to the high technology development, people can get to know their heroes from websites, books, newspapers, social media and so on. It is so visible that they are looking forward to get heroes’ the latest update news. Some of the people have become heroes’ mad fans and want to protect heroes all the time. That is exactly what is happening today. People are trying to promote how great their heroes are. They can get very emotional when someone is trying to against heroes. So, the conflict of different opinions creates anger, and it is the reason people are obsessed with heroes too much. Here is an example that I have experienced by other people in school. Some students liked a music band and decided

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