The Heroic Traits Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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In The Odyssey an epic poem by Homer, Odysseus, a hero from Ithaca, is trapped on his way home from Athens and Troy. His son, Telemachus, goes on a journey looking for his lost father. Both son and father want to reclaim their house from the suitors who wish to marry Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. Genghis Khan, Choi Yuna, my brother, An Thai, and Odysseus have traits like strength, thoughtfulness, and attractiveness. People need heroes with these traits because they need role models and someone to guide them through life. Multiple cultures value strength as an important heroic trait. Both Odysseus and Genghis Khan were strong. Odysseus’ strength was shown during the games on the Phaeacian land. Some of the Phaeacian men were mocking Odysseus and showing off their discus-throwing skills. Odysseus then amazes them by using a heavier discus. “Up he sprang, cloak and all, and seized a discus,/huge and heavy, more weighty by far those/the Phaeacians used to hurl and test each other” (VIII, 216-218). By carrying a discus that is heavier than the one the Phaeacians used with ease, that shows he has much more physical strength than normal men. Genghis Khan was very strong as well. He fought many battles and only lost one, he also conquered most of Asia. Romans called Genghis Khan a savage because of his massive build and the amount of men he slaughtered alone. Killing …show more content…

These traits are shown by Genghis Khan, Choi Yuna, my brother, and Odysseus. The fact that Odysseus and heroes in the modern age share the same traits proves how important they are for being a hero. In addition, every hero should be able to protect others out of kindness and for a cause they believe in. Without heroes, society would continue to make the same mistakes. As role models, they push society in the right direction and assist people in decision

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