Categorical Moral Reasoning

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The two moral reasonings are consequentialist and categorical. Consequentialist means the consequences that will result after whatever you do, whether it is the right or wrong thing to do. Categorical moral reasoning locates morality in certain duties and rights. Somethings are just morally wrong even if it brings good outcomes. According to Mill the principle of utility means realizing a consequence of something before you do it,whether your intentions are good or bad. What Mill means by utilitarianism is giving the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people. According to Sandel's lecture Mill's utilitarianism uses consequentialist reasoning. Categorical means absolute for example, if someone asks you if you are hungry a you say,"no", …show more content…

In Defense of Torture “Because It Is Wrong:” A Meditation on Torture Rules Should Govern Torture, Dershowitz Says What ethical arguments are being made? Torture is okay to use. Torture is wrong. Torture should be okay in some circumstances What evidence is being given? This author agrees that torture should be used because in war we have dropped bombs on innocent people that have either killed or left children, woman, and good men in critical condition, which is close to being torture. In the texts he says," There is no escaping the fact that whenever we drop bombs, we drop them with knowledge that some number of children will be blinded, disemboweled, paralyzed, orphaned, and killed by them". C. Fried and was against torture, he explains that Washington said to treat the captured in battle with humanity so they won't have a reason to complain that we were hurting people like those in the British army. He is stating that torture should be allowed with rules instead of just torturing somebody to the extreme for some information. In the text it says, " We know, for example, if Sheikh Khalid Mohammed, a very high value detainee, was subjected to waterboarding. That is, he was placed on a board, his head was put into the water, near drowning experiences were inflicted on

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