Rhetorical Analysis Of Torture Myth '

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While analyzing “The Torture Myth” and “The Case for Torture”, it is very clear to see the type of rhetorical appeals used to persuade the audience. Anne Applebaum, the writer of “The Torture Myth” --in context of the decision of electing a new Attorney General--would argue that torture is very seldomly effective, violates a person’s rights, and should be outlawed due to the irrational need upon which physical torture is used. On the other hand, Michael Levin strongly argues that physical torture is crucial to solving every imminent danger to civilians. Levin claims that if you don’t physically torture someone, you are being weak and want to allow innocent people to die over something that could have been simply done.
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There may be religious fanatics that will be harder to persuade, but if you result to beating them up, they’ll tell someone about anything to make them stop. Applebaum applies solid logical appeals once again, making light of the fact that if one won’t cooperate anyway, why beat them? Levin would have issue with that statement, providing an informal poll of new mothers. Levin asked if their child was abducted, would they want to use torture to have their child returned. He claims all said yes, and the “most liberal” adding she would want to torture the abductor herself. On the surface, Levin has made a strong emotional appeal with these new mothers, but has made the error of asking a person that is extremely attached to the child that they have just given birth to. When analyzed, the poll can be seen as a cheap way to confirm his view due to a mother’s strong emotional connection to a …show more content…

Applebaum has plenty of evidence to back up her claim that physical torture is not effective, and there are many other ways to obtain information. While the fear-encouraging and questioning elements are potent to many who are afraid of terror committed against them, but when the overwhelming sentiment of Levin’s argument is being compared to the logic and ethical points of Applebaum it is clear to see the superiority of her argument. Although Levin would advocate for physical torture in extreme situations, one must expect extreme consequences. Physical torture is rarely effective, violates rights, and damages a whole nation’s credibility. This is why physical torture should not be

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