Cause And Effect Of Terrorism Essay

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Terrorism causes fear all across the world. People are terrified because of what happens in these attacks. There are many different kinds of fear caused by terrorist attacks. Some react to these attacks differently than others. Many react to these attacks in a constructive and rational matter, this helps to not give the terrorists what they want. If we can do this we can minimize these attacks across the world. So, are you with me? Will you help to minimize this problem? Terrorism is a big cause of fear across the world. What happens in a terrorist attack affects many people in the world. The aftermath of an attack is what has the largest impact on people’s lives. However, terrorism does not have the same effect on everyone. The threat is not taken as seriously by some people. Some might think that it is an empty threat, but others might think it is a serious threat. It depends on the type of person, it depends on their past experiences or lost family members. It depends on how they take stuff …show more content…

“In the aftermath of September eleventh, a U.S. study of more than two thousand adults found that more time spent watching television coverage of the attacks was associated with elevated rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” This shows that the more you learn about these attacks after they have already happened has a large impact on your mental health. This shows how many people ate affected by acts of terrorism. The study included people who took the threat seriously and people who just brushed it off their shoulders. Also, most people react to these attacks in a constructive and rational matter. These people are not terrified by the attacks because they know what the terrorists want. Terrorists want to case fear and terror because that is their job. If we don’t show fear to them we can minimize the number of terrorist

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