Torture Vs Torture

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The influence of the media makes people believe everything on television, which tarnishes the credibility of the U.S. government, its military and national security. Communication has been part of human life since the ancient Mesopotamia; it 's what people use to reach anyone and everywhere. Just like humans, communication has evolved throughout the time, from cave drawings to high technology wireless devices. Nowadays, the biggest fraction of communication is what is now called the media; it 's everywhere and on everyone. 24, just like any other television shows, utilize this apparatus to its full extent to gain their expected results; more viewership, and higher ratings. The depiction of torture as the only form of interrogation hurts the …show more content…

To the viewers, 24 's brutal scenes of torture provide the notion that the United States government practices barbaric methods to extract information. Even cadets from West Point College, the military 's future commanders, are being influenced by shows like 24. According to Mr. Patrick Finnegan, a retired United States general, military personnel are not exempted from 24 's cunning theatrics, as it demonstrated by the cadets ' increasing favoritism to the show 's unorthodox methods of extracting intelligence. As a response, Mr. Finnegan attended one of 24 's tapings and urged the producers to cease the use of inhumane portrayals to unrealistic situations to justify the use of torture. In addition, Finnegan challenged the producers to create a scenario where the usage of torture backfires. The image of the U.S. military changed from being the world police into a feared superpower because of the brutality presented in shows like 24. Ever since the September 11 attacks, doubts surrounding national security skyrocketed; in response, the U.S. government boosted the national security to its maximum. Gary Solis explained how the show 24 makes the American public more suspicious and prejudice of people from other countries; specifically, the Middle Eastern

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