Persuasive Essay On Torture

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Torture is universally prohibited in both national and International law worldwide. It is a fundamental violation of human rights that cannot be derogated from. Essentially, torture is said to constitute any physical and mental act by which severe pain or suffering is intentionally inflicted upon a person ( UNCAT).Torture is mainly used for purposes that are set out to degraded, embarrass, and induce destruction in the person being subjected to torture and those in close relation to the person being tortured .Torture is a mechanism used by those in authoritative positions to preserve themselves in power (Power, 2006:2). Despite the universal prohibition on torture, its use has been widespread throughout history, and especially of late in the wake of September 11 2001 and other recent terrorist atrocities to combat the aforementioned heinous terrorist attacks. Torture is a topic that has come under intense scrutiny and debate regarding whether there are any circumstances in which it should be employed, and if its is absolute legal ban should not be protected and respected.
Recently, terrorism has brought to the public 's eye the violent tactics used by terrorist, against humanity. The September 11 terrorist attacks, in the New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, lead to the passing of the "Patriot Act" when George Bush signed a secret finding empowering CIA to "Capture, Kill, or Interrogate Al-Queda Leaders"( Bush, 2001:). The most predicted and widely publicized

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