Of Mice And Men And 1984 Analysis

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Of Mice and Men and 1984 In today's century, John Steinbeck and George Orwell have an influential mark on American literature. One of John Steinbeck's most known novel is Of Mice and Men. This novel is about two characters, George and Lennie, who are migrant workers that move from ranch to ranch struggling to earn a living during the Great Depression. On the other hand, George Orwell's most prominent novel is 1984. 1984 tells the story of man, Winston Smith, a man living in Oceania, a dystopian society, finding a way to escape the tyranny of Big Brother. John Steinbeck and George Orwell are greatly affected by the state of society in their lifetimes. Both authors use their novels to highlight the themes of control and the affects of change…show more content…
Because of Lennie's mental disability, he is required to be dependent on George. In the beginning of the novel as George and Lennie are making their way to the migrant farm, Lennie has a dead mouse in his pocket. Lennie feels that if he were to tell George concerning the mouse, he would yell at Lennie and be angry with him for his wrong doing. Ultimately, the more times George gets furious or impatient with Lennie, Lennie believes that George will not allow his dream of owning a farm in the future to come true (Owens). Likewise, Lennie's lack of consciousness from determining right from wrong, denounces his self character, leading to his own death. Furthermore, in 1984, Winston Smith entrapped in the dystopian society Oceania with the ideas of totalitarianism, confinement, and control. capable of ordinary human feeling. The people of Oceania, "[Are not] capable of ordinary feeling [and] everything will be dead inside [them]" (Orwell 323). In response, Winston is trying to escape and fight the system. He is aware of the oppression of Big Brother and understand the dictatorship the community faces. The proposal of Big Brother is to strip away the human qualities, such as emotion, so that everyone is alike and easier to control. To contrast, Winston is able to tell the difference and able to detect the false ideas of tyranny and disobeys the rules. His first rebellion was writing his thoughts…show more content…
Lennie's isolation from the real world in Of Mice and Men inhibits him to perceive and comprehend his actions. Winston Smith's ability to fight and rebel against the oppression of Big Brother and tyranny makes him an outstanding character. Despite Of Mice and Men's and 1984's difference in time period, they will always be relevant in today's
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