Examples Of Tyranny In 1984 By George Orwell

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When Faced With Tyranny
When one is faced with an oppressive government, they can lose control over all aspects of their daily lives. It is also easy for one to lose authority over themselves when faced with a stronger force. What might one’s response be when they possess little to no control over their lives? Many people may blindly follow society, but others might choose to disobey the rules. In 1984 by George Orwell, Winston Smith’s defiant nature and curious attitude display that one may turn to rebellion when faced with tyranny.
Winston is defiant and rebels against Big Brother and the Party through various illegal actions. After purchasing an empty diary, he continuously wrote “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” when the telescreens were out of view (Orwell 21). This simple thought is considered to be a severe crime where Winston lives because it is direct disapproval towards the Party. Winston feels as if Big Brother is controlling every aspect of his life, so this rebellious action allows for him to vent his frustration. In addition, Winston told Julia he wished to “walk into O’Brien’s presence” and tell him he was an enemy of …show more content…

After a day of work, he wrote “I do not understand WHY” when questioning the motive and purpose of his job of falsifying the past (Orwell 88). People are supposed to blindly conform to the norms of their society, but Winston thinks beyond what is told to him. This symbolizes rebellion because intelligence is a powerful tool when opposing a stronger force. Furthermore, Winston wondered, “how to get in touch with” and “arrange a meeting” with Julia, even though it would be a forbidden affair. Outside of arranged marriages, there are no allowed relationships in his society. Therefore, even wanting to pursue a relationship with this woman is punishable. Overall, Winston’s curiosity and desires directly oppose the government's ideals, laws, and

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