Comparing 1984 And The V For Vendetta And 1984

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The novel 1984 by George Orwell and the movie V for Vendetta are both dystopian themed works of fiction. Both depicted the dangers of a totalitarian type of regime and the horrors that come along with it. In 1984, Winston Smith the main character, lived in a poverty-stricken country called Oceania wherein the government controls all aspect of the people 's lives. On the contrary, in the movie V for Vendetta, the main characters named V was a vigilante who sought to overthrow the totalitarian government of London. He met a girl named Evey Hammond, who just like Winston Smith in 1984, was stuck in a country ruled by despotism. The two main similarities between the two works of fiction are both tackled the idea of rebellion and the dangers of a totalitarian government. Additionally, the main difference between the two pieces is the conclusion of both stories. 1984 and V for Vendetta both tackled the idea of rebellion. In 1984, Winston rebelled against the standing party of Oceania. Winston’s rebellion started when he committed a thoughtcrime against Big Brother and wrote his thoughts in a dairy, which is against the party’s agenda. At the beginning of the novel, Winston made it prominent that he dissented Big Brother and his party’s idea. He wrote in his diary, in Book 1 Chapter 1, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER…” (Orwell 18). This shows that Winston dissented his country’s government and was willing to rebel for he knew deep inside that

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