1984 Who Controls The Past Essay

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Test: Jordon Ponder

“Who controls the past controls future. Who controls the present controls the past” Book 1, Chapter 3, Pg 34.

This is a powerful quote in this book. Its entirety is really explaining the theme of this book. The people are brainwashed they don’t remember the past before big brother. There are jobs that changes the past like changing important documents, history books, and a lot more. I will go more deeper into the meaning of this quote and tell you how it ties into real life.
The people in this book are brainwashed. They do not have the ambition and drive to do anything but go by there schedule. They are told by big brother that the way they are doing things is the way that it always been, only the people who been there the longest know that 's a lie like winston. Winston is 35 years old his mother and sister were vaporized by big …show more content…

Big brother is ruining a totalitarian government, which is also a form of socialist government. This style of government has a dictator and has little or no freedom. Winston sees that this government can do nothing but spells out bad news, it also do nothing for human rights. O’brien sees it as a way for big brother and the inner party to flex their power to the people of oceania. Winston understands all of the outcomes that their government has so thats why he is trying to stop it but o’brien thinks he’s out of luck.

At the end of the conversation o’brien makes winston take of his clothes. After winston took of his clothes he immediately started crying he saw how bad he was abused and was so distraught of the fact he looked the way he did. He was even more upset that way he suckerd into those aligations that o’brien was accusing him of. Winston had a moment of weakness and allowed o’brien to treat him like trash. He noticed that o’brien took his morals and turned them into piece of paper and crumbled them, just that fast he turned into the last man into the newest lover of big brother.


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