Lies In The Kite Runner

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Many people have told lies and been told lies ,however the biggest lie of all is lying to oneself. Everyone has been told to share the truth because even though the truth will hurt others now, a carried out lie will hurt them a lot more in the future. It 's better to do right than to live in lies such as don 't hide all your faults they won 't just go away, you need to learn from your mistakes. In Les Miserables and The Kite Runner a man 's reputation is not as important as his family. As in giving up yourself for another and to be happy, like leaving your homeland where you are known and in charge to become a working man and make your family happy. In Les Miserables it focuses on a certain man who goes by the name of Jean Valjean. He 's significant because he gave up himself, his life, even his food to care for his sister and her children. As it …show more content…

These statements are also applied in The Kite Runner which features upon Baba is about how he the ruler of just about anything, has done wrong. He was a husband to the mother of Amir, who died while having her child, but he was also the father of another child but had to keep him as a servant not as a son. For a male to have children from two different women was majorly frowned upon. As stated before he was a ruler to many and known of by even more. But he gave up all of it to be true to himself to give his family the truth on page’s#17/18 Baba stated “There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft...When you kill a man, you steal his life you steal his wife 's right to a husband, rob his children of a father.”Yet he stole the right to Hassan 's life, the right to have a father or a mother, he has nothing but a ruler and Ali who looked over Hassan. So he moved away from his riches to work one coming, long hour shifts to support his family and to tell the truth he gave up himself to explain his story even though he knew they would be upset with him but it 's

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