How Does Marieke Nijkamp Answer The Following Questions For This Is Where It End

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Directions: After reading the book This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp answer the following questions. Each question is worth 5 points and needs to be answered with at least 5 sentences.

Style: Marieke Nijkamp inserts different experts from twitter that illustrate different peoples emotions during the shooting. She also uses flashbacks to give the reader more in site about the different characters. Explain why Nijkamp put twitter comments in her book and if you think the flashbacks added to the book?
I thought the flashbacks were annoying because in the middle of an intense situation everything would just stop and the character would just start remembering something. However I think they did add to the book because they provided very …show more content…

Everyone of them handled the situation differently and it illustrated how every student during a school shooting is going to handle the situation differently. Every character knew the shooter on a personal level one was even his sister. But I thought it would have added depth to the book if Nijkamp could have added a character that did not know the shooter. A character that had no prior background information on the shooter because not everyone is a school shootings going to know the shooter. I would have been abel to relate the the book more if she would have added that because I did not know the shooter at our …show more content…

Pick one theme and explain how Nijkamp portrayed this theme throughout the book and the message it portrayed.
I think the them of bravery was present the most. Every character in the book did things that I don't think I could have done if I was in there shoes. The level of bravery Sylv and Autumn shoed in the auditorium with the shooter was amazing. The way they helped calm people down and try to get the situation under control was so brave of them. Tomas and Clair where outside of the auditorium at the time and the way the book tried to save their friends inside was inspirational. Tomas by far had the most bravery, after he got everyone including his sister out he went back inside to stop the shooter. I think this was absolutely so brave of him and I know if I was in that situation I would have not been able to do it.

Plot Development: It turns out the shooter is the brother to Autumn’s brother. Do you think the fact that Nijkamp created a family relationship enhanced the plot? What event would you define as the climax of the

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