Summative Assessment: 'Under The Wire'

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Summative Assessment: Prompts Respond to each prompt in a Google Doc. You will be handling this task in through Remember to be specific, clear and detail oriented. Use the formative feedback as a guide to better your writing. Identify a theme in the story. How does the author use symbolism and imagery to establish his message? A topic in “Under the wire” is friendship. The theme that is established is one does not need to know how to speak to make friends. Sometimes one’s action brings them closer to a person. When Curtis congratulated Francisco for winning his 1st place on his drawing of a butterfly, Francisco without a second thought gave his drawing to Curtis. The author used the drawing of the butterfly as a symbol to show the …show more content…

“Like magic, the butterfly flew into the air, fluttering its wings up and down.” The author uses this quote to establish an image of life. The transformation of the caterpillar into a cocoon and finally turned to a butterfly was able to fly into the world and create a new chapter in it’s life. The author used simile to describe the life of Francisco who was once happy to experience school and to learn. Later on, Francisco hid himself from his classmates after getting bullied by Curtis and in the end wins the drawing competition(this can be said because Francisco got a first prize ribbon from Miss Scalapino). This made him happy because he was able to make new friends. The simile also creates an image of freedom. When the cocoon turned into a cocoon and then into a butterfly, it got the chance of flying in the air and create a new chapter in it’s life. In the same way Francisco’s family were able to turn their life upside down by taking risks to enter California. This is because the family knew they had to move into a bigger city to earn more money and eventually achieve their

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