Theme Of Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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The book ”Tangerine” by Edward Bloor seems to have one common theme throughout the book; “the truth will set you free”. There are three examples in this book that seem to clearly exemplify the point being made. Here’s how I beleive this theme is exemplified in the book. The first example is represented though the character Antoine, followed by Paul Fisher’s family dynamics, as well as Paul Fisher himself.

The first way this theme is represented is through the character Antoine Thomas. Antoine lies about his home address in order to attend a school in an entirely different district; all in order to play on the football team. He eventually become quite the local football star in Tangerine county. The burden of knowing his success was built on a foundation of lies, eventually gets to him and he reveals his secret. This example symbolises the book’s theme by showing how getting rid of a lie can remove such an enormous weight off your shoulders. This brings me to my next …show more content…

Paul heads Antoine’s advice of ““Don’t spend your life hiding under the bleachers, little brother. The truth shall set you free”. He eventually reveals the twisted secret of how his brother Erik, unwittingly murdered Luis. Erik’s father is largely obsessed with “The Erik Fisher Football Dream” He is so focused on that, little else matters. Mrs. Fischer isn't completely oblivious to the evil ways of Erik, but she is still largely in denial of his malevolent ways . This all falls apart after learning Erik’s horrifying secret. Mr. Fischer realizes what has happened to Erik and Mrs. Fisher comes out of her state of denial towards her son as well. This scenario, in my opinion, expresses the main point the most because it pulled off the dark cloak of lies that encapsulated the

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