Barn Burning Theme Analysis

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Sidni Dunn
English 11/ Fourth Period
27 February 2018
Part 12:Rough Draft
In Barn Burning William Faulkner uses very many themes to show the emotions of these characters and how they felt. They all acted the same being all angry at each other.He really shows the readers how bad a family can really feel for these characters from what they showed they felt how they felt.Faulkner also uses perspective to help tell his stories. This comes being shown out through his main characters in helping to tell those stories. William Faulkner uses family and loyalty as the main theme of this novel. He also uses writing style as the author’s style always known for lengthy sentences anyway.He uses symbolism to characterize Sarty and to show …show more content…

Loyalty represents Sarty and Betrayal represents Abner ’’In William Faulkner Barn Burning Abner says ‘’You’re getting a man. You’ve got to learn.You got to learn to stick to your old blood or you ain’t going to have any blood to stick to you.’’ Abner try’s to threatening Sarty and also suggesting that he does not betrayal him, but everyone as readers knows he does Betrayal him.Also ’’In William Faulkner Barn Burning he says’’ he could not see the table where the justice sat and before which his father and his father’s enemy stood.’’This shows loyalty and betrayal by the two people standing side by side together and what each one’s meaning means Faulkner shows a glimpse of this loyalty when in the beginning of the story “Barn Burning” the son, Sarty will not speak out against his father, Abner. At the same time in this story, due to his father's harshness and absoluteness in his power over his family, the son realizes that there are alternatives to this harsh absolute behavior of his …show more content…

Describing the characters in the ways they would like us to remember and what they want us to remember. He shows us Literary Devices mainly as foreshadowing telling us what the guy Abner Snopes) knows is going to happen and guilt he has on his shoulders.These are the three main events that William Faulkner wants to catch our eyes with.Some of the themes the author uses are Loyalty and Betrayal talks about the family and how this theme is the most repetitive because even though their family is supposed to be loyal and show Loyalty they do not ,they show Betrayal because the little boy at the end of the story runs away so you have to know their is some Betrayal because of this event. Also another theme is Courage how the boy shows this by lying for his dad and I believe that was a big theme in this story.The social connection this has with us as a reader is how the author makes us feel as if we’re in Sarty’s place going through what he went through and feeling what he did . Our society today tend to be going through the same thing Sarty went through and it is more common now days . That is why we can relate more and seem as if we have a connection with him and can build a relationship with the author He shows us Karl F Zender in his essay Character and Symbol in Barn Burning in College Literature

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