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Lucas Dial
English 111
10 January, 2018
The Other Wes Moore
The Other Wes Moore is a story of two different lives, but with the same name, and how their journeys have been shaped by their decisions in the past. Through the book, there are many recurring themes. An individual's choices has consequences, Discipline and violence, the influence of family and friends are all common themes shown by author Wes moore throughout the book, shining light on each of their life journeys.
One common theme throughout the book is that, an Individual's choice has consequences. This theme is shown throughout the book from multiple devices. Imagery is a strong device used by many authors to visually describe a literary work. In the other Wes Moore, imagery …show more content…

the regret he has turns to outbursts of violence and anger, which he takes out onto his younger brother Wes. This lack of discipline and self control soon rubbed off onto wes as show in chapter 6. “Wes’s attendance became sporadic, and once his first child was born, he just stopped going” and also in “Wes would play videogames in the house and then head out to check on his drug operation...Wes would normally be out “trying to find a job”, as he would tell her” (110). From the text the author Wes Moore shares how these foolish actions will further limits his chances of getting a real job and being hired and how it was and easier way for Wes to get back into the drug game so soon after he is released from prison. On other side, author Wes Moore, getting involved in military school, was and experience that shaped his attitude and behavior. “After my first sargent left the room, I lay back down and pulled the covers back over myself. As my head hit the pillow, I smirked to think that I could make them leave my room so easily”... “Moments later the door slammed opened again, hitting the wall so hard flakes of the crusty blue paint chipped off. My entire chain of command...picked my mattress up off the top bunk and turned it over, dropping me five feet to the cold, hard, green tiled floor.” Wes now has to realize how he no longer has control over his actions, and must follow strict

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