Elements Of Dialectical Journal For The Call Of The Wild

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The Call of the wild was a great book,It showed great detail and wording. It was a very emotional book with john and manuel and buck and the other dogs. When spitz and him were fighting the author showed great detail. It was like we were pulled into the scene of the fight.It a great book to read inwould requemend this for younnger childern who like animals orgfight for animals scaces.

Chapter 1 of call of the wild was a great introduction i liked how the author described santa clara valley and the judges place. I liked how he described the air getting colder and the dogs feeling excitement in the air when they were getting off the boat to alaska. I liked how they described dave as a dog who was meant to be alone. It was really amazing how …show more content…

I loved perault put curly down because she was hardly half dead and he knew that she would probably die anyway. I hated how spitz was like laughing at curly for being nice and then getting killed. what i really did not like was how spitz kept getting in the way of buck. but i loved buck for killing spitz. the conflict in this chapter was that the dogs were playing to kill. now he is at a beach in alaska with these crazy men and dogs. . there were more clue in this it is was big one it showed that the huskies and all dofs played to kill because of what happen to curly …show more content…

i liked how buck fought a leader's spot when francois and perrault would not put him in that spot even. though he killed spitz. I think buck did better at punishing the dogs better than spitz. they even said that when buck took over those dogs pulled the hardest they ever did and made a record trip.I really loved that when the dogs got done with that trip they got a long rest. there was many clues that the dogs were tired and hurt and then t that the perrault and francois felt bad for them to.

Chapter 5 in chapter 5 buck and his team are at skagway they are resting because they just got back from a recorde trip from skagway to dawson. I hated that when buck and his team got bough. they could not take the rest they needed. i really did not like it when charles kept whipping buck to get up. but i really loved that John thurman came in and saved buck. i loved how they describe buck to let john come to him when he wanted attention not like the two other dogs who kept pushing for attention. there was many clues that charles and hal and mercedes were not going to make it to dawson but that they were greedy and selfish because of some chances that took place in this chapter

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