Chapter Summary: In The Norton Field Guild

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In the Norton Field Guild, chapter four is about developing academic habits of the mind. Chapter four starts out with how the student needs to engage him or herself in to their academic studies. It talks about how you should raise your hand in class and you should ask questions in class and outside of class if you don’t understand what you are learning about. The other way you should be getting involved, is getting to know the students at the school and in your class because those who are engaged tend to study more and engage in their studies. The other main point of this chapter is about being motivated to do your school work and go to school. The way you should motivate your self is by thinking head of your life and where you want to go to college and what you want to achieve in life, either that be a job or achieving a medal or trophy. These were just a few points in chapter four. I really enjoyed reading this chapter. This chapter was so intriguing because of the information it gave to us. It gave us so much information that is so relevant to a student’s life now days. So many times a student gets bored of school or isn’t motivated to go to school and do their homework. Also students are very shy and don’t like asking questions about what they are learning if they …show more content…

I believe that this is important because, now days no one likes to ask questions because they feel that people will judge them. But it’s important to ask questions especially if you don’t understand what the teacher is teaching or what you are reading. I also agree that we need to be curious and learning. I agree with this because I feel that if you are curious about learning then you will learn better and that you will retain what you are learning. This is why I believe that this is important

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