Conveyer Belt System

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Conveyer belt system issues Theodore R. Sizer in his essay "What High School Is" illustrates that high school has become a conveyor belt educational system, in which the students” take subjects” just to achieve the vaguely defined state standards and ill-defined school goals. This system has been in place for many years, and no one has attempted to change it. In this system some students are happy taking subjects and agree that it is necessary during high school education. The parents are happy because it is what they did in the high school; the most important ritual being graduation. But the important question now is, are the students really happy taking subjects? In my opinion taking subjects would be a necessity if it is controlled system; it helps students with their college future and lets them do what they like. The absence of control in “taking subjects” system decreases students’ chance of studying what they prefer. They have to study particular subjects according to state standards, which may preclude them from participating in extracurricular activities and participate learning they like. If the students don’t like what they are studying at school, they will do it just as a daily routine. This is the reason why most of the students say that the school is boring, restless and tiresome. They have to modify the …show more content…

They do not know him as a whole person. Unless he becomes a special problem or has a special need. The high school age is a critical age; it is the age that we can change the wrong beliefs and strange thoughts. That is, can happen easily, if teachers get closer to their students, and share them some common activities. So the students can trust them which give both a wide range of active conversation. Ultimately, teachers can teach students a lot of manners, and address a lot of their education

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