Adderall Informative Speech

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When school finals approach, students act in desperate ways to find solutions for mental focus on selective subjects. Fifteen percent of college students have illegally been using Adderall the past year. Adderall impacts learning in various ways, but In the long run can cause more harm than aid. Adderall is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as part of a psychological and social issues. It helps to stay focused, pay better attention and stop fidgeting. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextrose-amphetamine. It works by balancing certain natural substances in the brain. Today I’m going to discuss about the side effects of Adderall, the way it impacts students, and most importantly the learning of students in …show more content…

The pros of Adderall is that General increase in happiness, more likely open to conversation, high self-esteem, increase in confidence, and motivation. In addition it almost completes the absence of negative thoughts. On the other hand the cons of Adderall can be harmful in the long run especially for students who consume the drug on daily basis. The cons of the drug are unstable heartbeats, passing out, increased blood flow and tremors. Side effects that are less serious include the dryness of the oral area, unable to sleep, loss of appetite, diarrhea and loss of interest in sexual intercourse. In rare cases death can also occur for individuals who experience heart problems or have specific illness which prohibits the usage of …show more content…

With enhancement in technology, the distraction of the media, and the lack of discipline of oneself has made students think of easier solutions to their problems. Instead of studying for long hours as our ancestors have done, we choose to satisfy ourselves with social entertainment and other fun activities then look for easy ways out when it comes to tests or final exams by taking drugs. On the other hand the fast lifestyle we have in today’s society also impacts our way of learning with limited number of hours to focus on school which are taken by work, family, and other personal issues. Students do not have much time to study the large quantity of materials that’s presented by difficult courses which causes frustration and impatience. The demand on need of different solutions is increasing and supply of that demand is pointed in the same

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