Adderall Argument Essay

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The lack of knowledge concerning the effects Adderall has on one’s health and the misuse of the drug has led many students to believe that there are no negative side effects of the drug. The negative effects of Adderall on the human body outweigh the positive effects that are better known by college students. Ninety-five percent of the articles in media reports “mentioned at least one possible benefit of using prescription drugs for neuro-enhancement, but only fifty-eight percent mentioned any risks or side effects” (Lakhan). Since the negative effects of Adderall are not talked about much by the media not many college students are aware of what they are taking and what could happen. Negative side effects of Adderall and drugs similar to it …show more content…

In some parts of the United States, in order for a college student to receive a prescription to treat ADHD, he or she must endure two months of testing and paperwork. Student Lisa Beach “had to sign a formal contract - promising to submit to drug testing, to see a mental health professional every month and to not share the pills.” This amount of commitment did turn off some of her “peers from using the student health office to obtain” the medications. Schools such as University of Alabama, Marist College, and Fresno State “require students to sign contracts promising not to misuse pills or share them with classmates.” Other schools refer students to off-campus providers to make a proper ADHD diagnosis instead like George Mason and William & Mary. Although students may think that these requirements are making it hard to get treatment, it is hampering the abuse of Adderall. Duke University addressed the misuse of Adderall as declaring it as academic dishonesty, essentially cheating. Instead of trying to get a prescription or use Adderall illegally, students need to learn how to do things on their

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