Aim High School Observation Paper

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As above the name of the organization I chose to research is Aim High. This organization is located in seven different cities, mostly concentrating in Northern California. Out of those seven cities, it operates in seventeen different places. The organization helps low-income students and it contributes to the local communities by providing the students learning and academic experiences so they can be successful in their future studies.

Their mission is to “nurture the promise and potential of middle school students from low-income neighborhoods, prepare students for high school, setting them on the path to college and future success, and inspire the next generation of teachers and educational leaders” (Aim High, n.d.).

This organization concentration is on students. Education is one of the biggest factors in our society. It not only helps you get a better future, but it will also help your family in the long run.

Not everyone is able to afford a good education, especially going forward in to college (Burd, 2004, p. 308). It is crucial to get students interested in school during their primary years of studies. Having students interested in …show more content…

It describes different stories about middle class and poor class families. It states, “children such as Billy Yanelli, Wendy Driver, and Harold McAllister appear to gain an emerging sense of distance, distrust and constraint in their institutional experiences” (Lareau, 2011, p. 182). Meaning these poor and working class children don’t feel advancing in their educations. They accept what is handed to them and a less interactive than other children; Annette Lareau (2011) articulates, “they generally were unable to make the rules work in their favor” (p. 184). Aim High really want their students to have a better education, in another words a better childhood. Yes, you can say they are middle school kids, but even middle school kids are still enjoying their

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