American Dream In Hillbilly Elegy And Scratch Beginnings

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Success and Prosperity, two words that define the American Dream that every U.S Citizen would like to achieve. But, is this Dream alive and available for everyone? In the article “Hillbilly Elegy”, and the book Scratch Beginnings both discuss how the American Dream could be accomplishable for certain people. Many do believe that it is possible for anyone to reach this dream because there is a variety of government programs that are willing to help the low income families or individuals who need an extra push. There are also multiple citizens that need help but do not qualify for certain programs based on their families income. In both cases, working hard and focusing on a specific goal will help attain this dream. It is said, the American Dream is only a possibility for those who are …show more content…

Many of these people come in search of the American Dream and to accomplish it they would need plenty of motivation. In the Book Scratch Beginnings, Adam Shepard met many people in the homeless shelter who didn’t believe in themselves so someone had to give them that motivation. “Some were self motivated and had merely stumbled through a tough time, most of them needed someone constantly in their ear”(shepard 65). Not everyone has that mindset and support that is needed to reach a goal in their lives. The article “Effects of Achievement Motivation on Behavior” states, “Motivation refers to the dynamics of our behavior, which involves our needs, desires, and ambitions in life. Achievement motivation is based on reaching success and achieving all of our aspirations in life.” If the individual does not have self motivation or have someone pushing them they will not achieve the success they need. Having the ability to motivate oneself is one out of the three biggest steps towards the American

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